Turkey & Greece, August, 2011

 Trish, Zeki, Elaine, Lizzie and Scott

Stop in Amsterdam...almost there! 

View from Zeki's parents house in Istanbul 

Fenerbace Harbor in Istanbul, Turkey 

Hagia Sophia - built in the fourth century Constantinople, destroyed twice and rebuilt in 527, a christian church until 1453.

Elaine enjoys a serenade at dinner in Istanbul. 


 Iskender lunch - butter drizzled on mixed meat =)


 The (First) Bosphorus Bridge separating Europe from Asia over the Bosphorus          Strait -the only passage between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara.


 On the Ferry to a big night out at Sortie restaurant and club. 


Dinner at Sortie Club. 


Trish and Zeki. 

Anchoring off Mesudiye, Turkey. 


Morning swims off the boat every day. 


Sailing into Symie, Greece.  Yes, you do want to go there! 

Having drinks before dinner in Symie. 


First night out in Fenerbace, Istanbul 

Coffee at our favorite cafe(Curly's cafe) below Zeki's parent's house. 


Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

 Sunken Palace Cistern (or Basilica Cistern). Istanbul, Turkey.


I'm not PKK...leave me alone! 


 Party time in Istanbul 


 Taskim Square.  Miles and miles of pedestrian only street in the Beyoglu neighborhood - bustling Istanbul nightlife.


 Bosphorus Ferry Trip. Istanbul, Turkey 

 Rumeli Hian (Fortress of Europe) 1452 Ottoman.


 Our boat "Attraction" 47' Bavaria


Sunset over Knidos, Turkey 


From Aegean into Mediterranean waters.


 Snorkeling off the boat in Greece.

Cove in Greece

Lizzie in Symie, Greece. 


Chillin on the boat. 

View from the Beach in Simi, Greece 

Dancing at Manos restaurant  in Symie, Greece.


Back in Bodrum, Turkey after 6 days at sea.  

Fresh fish every night.  I'm very particular now about my Octopus! 


Awesome beach club in Bodrum. 


Last dinner in Bodrum.  My favorite Octoput yet! 


Relaxtion in Bodrum. 

The Greeks know how to Party! 

Mixing up some drinks on the Boat. 


Bodrum nightlife rocks. 

Backgammon at the beach. 


Fink Beach Club, Bodrum. 


Very comfortable!

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