Wild Turkey says "though shall not pass!"    Hiking at Tennesee Valley, Marin County. 

              "Wow!  You really like Red Wine, dude".   Dave Saxton

Darcy's Nautical theme B'day party.

 Camping Trip: Mel, Scott, Olivia, Theresa and Ben

Liz, Miche,Lori and Michele enjoying a beer at the Tourist Club, Marin 

            Pete and Kim's Wedding in Belize, May 2009 

Team Warhols Trivia Masters team...Martin Macks, Haight Street. 

My high school buddies Ken Milo and Joe Dovi.  October 2009.

    Lizzie jammin wtih the band in Cabo! 

     Professional lookin lady! 

     Angela Krause

 Halloween wine tasting anyone?

         Reno Pals in Healdsburg. 

             Men at work. Getting ready for a feast in Healdsburg.

         Wine tasting in Healdsburg. 

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