Christmas in Sausalito and Campbell, CA. 

Zeki, Trish and Angie on Cambell Ave. 

Trish has lured us into Aquis...maker of the famous Swirl drinks....yikes..

Not sure what Trish is thinking but it's probably naughty.

Sorry Ben.  It's the only picture I had. 

Outside dining at Tracks in Campbell, CA. 

Dave got some goodies at White Elephant gift exchange.  

Blue Line Pizza...the best pizza in America. 

Tuxedo is being goodat Tracks in Campbell. 

Things are getting hazy after a few cocktails. 

Zeki knows the magic of the Blue crystal. 

Houseboat fun day.  Lizzie and Alice. 

A very joyous Alice gets her gift. 

Carlita goes shopping at Bloomingdales....5 minutes after arriving in SF. 

Angie and Trish at Tracks in Campbell, CA. for yummy breakfast 

Blue Obsidian Crystal is a bg hit on Campbell Ave. 

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